“Vision. Strength. Independence. I truly believe that these three attributes are key elements to rising above any challenge and soaring to new heights of success.”

Give Wings To Your Dreams and Soar Higher with Kendra Shearer

In her free time, Kendra and her husband, Paul, love to spend quality time with their cherished grandchildren.

In her free time, Kendra and her husband, Paul, love to spend quality time with their cherished grandchildren.

For as long as Kendra Shearer can remember, she has always been fascinated by the majestic eagle. While she can appreciate the regal quality of this truly extraordinary creature, what this accomplished businesswoman admires most is its expansive vision, fierce independence and undeniable strength. In fact, anybody who knows this driven individual will tell you that the eagle could be used as a visual image for Kendra because in life and business, she is defined by her determination to soar higher and rise above challenges.

Defying the Odds

In fact, throughout her many endeavors, Kendra has been marked by her visionary approach, commitment to blazing new trails, strength and perseverance. These qualities allowed her to defy the odds when she assumed the challenging vice president of nursing position at a crumbling medical facility. To the amazement of her colleagues, Kendra stepped in, immersed herself in her work and tackled each challenge one by one. In just a few short years, Kendra managed to completely turn around the institution. But that’s just the way this dynamic woman is. When she sets her mind to something, there is simply no stopping her.

A Nationwide Impact

There is no doubt Kendra relished her more than three decades in healthcare because, more than anything, it was a way to give back and empower others. When she moved on to the prestigious Joint Commission, she was responsible for assessing patient safety in healthcare organizations across the country. Kendra knew that the diligence of her actions would have a truly powerful impact on those in need. Kendra took her job very seriously and built an impeccable reputation within the medical industry.

Her Proudest Role

Clearly, when Kendra sets out to achieve something, she spreads her wings and soars to new heights of excellence. It’s evident in her professional accomplishments as well as in her proudest role as wife and mother. Kendra takes every opportunity to instill in her own children and grandchildren the spirit of independence, inner strength and faith that have driven her own accomplishments time and time again.

The Active Adult and Senior Specialist

For Kendra, real estate is a family business. Her husband and daughter work together and pool their strengths to ensure you maximize your move.

For Kendra, real estate is a family business. Her husband and daughter-in-law work together and pool their strengths to ensure you maximize your move.

After her impressive career in the corporate world, Kendra made the decision to pursue a career where her entrepreneurial spirit could take flight. Real estate was the perfect fit. Kendra is positively thrilled to go to work each day to give wings to people’s dreams. With her well-honed insight and vision, she recognized that the best way to meet the needs of her clients was to specialize in the market she had worked so closely with during her years in healthcare—seniors.

When it comes to something as important as buying or selling a home, Kendra is sensitive to the unique needs of active adult and  senior clientele and the needs of their families. She’s by your side throughout each and every phase of your transaction educating you about the process, offering guidance when necessary and sharing a wealth of knowledge to ensure you rise above challenges and achieve real estate success.

Soaring Higher

Above all, Kendra has a big-picture perspective on her role during your move. She views herself as much more than a real estate professional. Kendra strives to be a counselor, advisor and trusted friend. That being said, she is passionately committed to bringing you the best possible results.

If you’re an active adult or senior looking to buy or sell a home, turn to a real estate professional who will give wings to your dreams. Look no further than local specialist Kendra Shearer for all your real estate needs. With a dedication to Soaring Higher, she applies her steadfast determination, unparalleled vision, invaluable experience and unique expertise to your important transaction. Kendra Shearer serves Marietta real estate and is a real estate specialist for Active Adult Communities in Cobb, Paulding and Cherokee counties, including Kennesaw, Marietta, Woodstock and the Atlanta area. Call Kendra today.




“A thousand heartfelt thanks! Thank you for making a stressful life event easier to navigate. We couldn’t be happier in our new home and we never dreamed all of this would happen so soon! Thank you for all your hard work and all you’ve done for us.”

“I do not cease to give thanks for you”, Ephesians 1:16

Dorothy, Sam and Jalen

**This is our third transaction with Dorothy! Thanks for your loyalty and kindness to our brokerage!


July 2015:

“I really just want to say thank you so much for everything you did for me in getting me here. I’m truly grateful to have worked with you and, despite everything, you made it painless and simple. Thanks a million, Kendra. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you and your hard work. I’m truly blessed”.

-Cody and Linda